FRS detailing and paint coating

FRS detailing and paint coating session.

Whenever I buy a used car, or even a new car, I always want to make sure it is looking top notch. Most cars have scratch and swirl marks all over the paint. This is usually from improper care of the car paint and/or improper washing techniques. However, there are very few clear-coat paints that are immune to this and paint polishing is the remedy. Since I used to do professional detailing, I have all of the necessary tools and products to get the job done. I started the FRS detailing session by polishing the entire car with my Rupes Bigfoot random orbital polisher. The polish I used was Sonax Profiline perfect finish. In addition, once the car was all polished up, I coated the paint with 22ple Signature Glass Coating. The results are amazing and the Hot Lava orange color really stands out now!