Diesel Truck Exhaust Review

This product review will go over the quality, installation, fitment, and function of aftermarket 4″ or 5″ diesel truck exhaust systems.

When it comes to turbo-charged diesel powered engines, there is no better upgrade than a free flowing exhaust system. Heavy duty diesel pickup trucks, like my 2002 Ford F250, have enormous engines that move lots of air. The stock diesel truck exhaust system is small in diameter and very restrictive. As a result, power and efficiency is robbed in order to keep cabin noise down. If you are ok with a mild increase in exhaust sound, a larger aftermarket diesel truck exhaust can provide many benefits. Improved efficiency, more power, and less stress on the turbo-charger and engine, just to name a few. These exhaust systems go very well with a high flow cold air intake.

4" diesel exhaust

I have reviewed the quality of a couple different diesel truck exhaust systems. Namely, the MBRP 4″ exhaust and the Magnaflow 4″ exhaust. Both systems are aluminized metal with anti-corrosion properties for long life. The bends and clamps are all well made and built to last in all but the most extreme conditions. In addition, the exhaust piping is solid with even bends. Also, the turbo downpipe flange is welded on with precision quality.


Installing a high flow exhaust system on your heavy duty diesel truck is a fairly straightforward job. The most difficult part will be removing your OEM or stock exhaust system, as often times you need to cut it in one or more places. Below you will find a very detailed installation video of the MBRP 4″ exhaust system on a 2002 Ford F250 with the 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine. This installation process will apply to most heavy duty pickup trucks of this style.


The MBRP 4″ exhaust has a good fitment, but not great. The downpipe that comes off of the turbo-charger fit very tightly against the lower frame of the truck. Over time, this may rub away at the exhaust piping. The same issue was found with the bend in the exhaust that goes over the rear axle. The exhaust pipe was up against the rear shock which again, over time may cause blemishes on the shock and exhaust piping. Outside of those minor issues, everything fit well and as expected.


Once you have completed the installation of exhaust system, you will instantly realize the benefits. To begin, the engine will breath noticeably better under heavy loads as well as unloaded. As a result, the turbo charger and engine will have to work less in order to produce the same power. This was most noticeable when I was personally towing my 22′ enclosed trailer. Before I installed the 4″ exhaust system, my 7.3 Powerstroke diesel would have to down shift and work extra hard when going up hills or small inclines. With the 4″ exhaust installed, the truck could move much more air and simply powered through the same hills without having to downshift. Very much worth the investment!


The exhaust systems in this article get a 4 out of 5 stars. Had the fitment been spot on with no rubbing, I would have given them 5 of 5 stars.

Diesel Truck Exhaust rating : 4 out of 5 stars

For roughly $350.00-$400.00, you can purchase one of these exhaust systems for your heavy duty diesel truck. Please verify your truck model and product before you order.

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