Tow Mirrors Review

This product review will go over the quality, installation, fitment, and function of aftermarket towing mirrors.

Are you towing an RV, boat, or maybe a large trailer? If so, then you know how important your rear view mirrors are when you tow. Many pickup trucks and SUV’s do not have adequately sized mirrors from the factory. This is both a safety hazard as well as a convenience issue. There are a number of aftermarket tow mirrors available to fix this problem. Aftermarket tow mirrors provide improved visibility and make tasks like backing up, much easier. In addition, some include features like heated mirrors, telescoping, and integrated turn signals. The tow mirrors in this article are focused on heavy duty pickup trucks. Don’t forget to check out more truck reviews, such as our diesel truck exhaust review, and cold air intake review.

tow mirrors

For this review, I selected YITAMOTOR tow mirrors for my 2002 Ford F250 heavy duty truck. There are many brands of these mirrors and almost all of them are very similar. The tow mirrors body is well made and solid. The telescoping feature works perfectly as well, which provides a much improved rear view. The mirror glass itself is well made with no odd blemishes or cracks. Lastly, these mirrors include integrated LED turn signals that work great.


What makes this installation a bit difficult, is the wiring process. The physical installation of the mirrors is fairly simple and can be done with basic garage tools. Depending on the features of your truck, the wiring may be simple, or more involved like it was on my 2002 F250. If your truck has heated mirrors and integrated turn signals from the factory, wiring is easy! However, wiring in the functions for heated mirrors and the integrated turn signals can be done, with a bit of time. The video below provides a very detailed process on how to install your tow mirrors. It has instructions on how to wire in the heated mirrors, the turn signals, and also install a switch to toggle the heat on and off.


The fitment of the tow mirrors is pretty good, for the most part. The only issue we found was around the edge of the mirror, where it attaches to the truck. This could have been a little bit tighter and form fitting, however it did not affect functionality. Despite this minor fitment issue, everything works as designed and looks perfectly normal.


With the proper wiring to enable the additional features, these mirrors work absolutely great! The heated mirrors quickly melt any ice or frozen snow in those scenarios. Secondly, the integrated turn signals provide additional signal notification when towing a large RV or boat. In addition, the telescoping mirror feature is a huge benefit when towing an extra wide load. With OEM mirrors, it is very difficult to see behind a wide trailer, boat, or RV. However, with these mirrors in extended position, you can easily see behind whatever you are towing!


Even with the minor fitment issue, I am still going to give these aftermarket tow mirrors a 5 of 5 rating. They make such a big difference when towing and are highly recommended!

Tow Mirrors rating : 5 out of 5 stars

For roughly $200.00, you can purchase these aftermarket tow mirrors below. Please verify your vehicle and product before purchasing.

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