Perrin Inlet Hose Review

This product review will go over the quality, installation, fitment, and function of the Perrin inlet hose for your Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, or Toyota 86.

The Perrin inlet hose is intended to replace the stock accordion style flex tube, as well as the sound tube. The sound tube “pumps” engine noise into the cockpit of the car, which is frowned upon by many car enthusiasts. With the Perrin inlet tube, this sound tube is eliminated. In addition, it also creates a smooth intake airway, since there is no more accordion bend in the tube. The Perrin intake inlet tube will be most beneficial when paired with the Perrin cold air intake or a K&N filter and the stock airbox.

Perrin Inlet Hose

As with other Perrin parts, the silicon inlet hose does not disappoint when it comes to build quality. High quality and precision formed silicon make up the entirety of the inlet hose. The single vacuum hose connection is well placed and has extra silicon support around it. Included with the Perrin silicon inlet hose is a pair of hose clamps to attach it to the throttle body and intake box. In addition, Perrin provides a plug to cap off the sound tube where it goes into the cabin.


Installation of the Perrin inlet hose is simple and straightforward. The two hose clamps on the stock intake tube must be removed, along with the vacuum hose. Disconnect the sound tube as well, which is found below the battery on the passenger side. Once the stock pieces are removed, simply place the Perrin intake tube where the stock tube was. Then, secure the hose with the provided clamps. Place the provided plug into the sound tube where it goes into the cabin, attached the vacuum hose, and you are done!


The Perrin inlet hose is a simple product. As such, the fitment is near perfect right out of the box. This is truly a plug and play type of upgrade. There are no issues with connection to the throttle body, or the stock airbox for that matter. You can even use this inlet hose with various intake systems. Including, the Perrin cold air intake as well as the Grimmspeed intake.


The inlet hose does what it is supposed to do. The smooth bend in the tubing reduces air restriction going into the throttle body, compared to the stock piece. In addition, proper removal of the sound tube is accomplished once this product is installed.


I am giving the Perrin inlet hose a rating of 5 stars because of its ease of installation and high quality. The fact that is deletes the OEM sound tube is another benefit.

Perrin inlet hose rating : 5 out of 5 stars

For roughly $90.00, you can purchase the Perrin inlet hose for your 2013+ Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, or Toyota 86 at the link below.

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