Tanabe Concept G Exhaust Review

This product review will go over the quality, installation & fitment, and function of the Tanabe Concept G exhaust system for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, and Toyota 86.

The Tanabe Concept G single exit cat-back exhaust is a high performance exhaust for your Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, or Toyota 86. The Tanabe Concept G improves power while saving a lot of weight. In addition, it gives your car a menacing exhaust note. This exhaust will compliment any engine mods you already have on your car. I have tested mine with my Perrin cold air intake, Grimmspeed intake, and RevWorks header. If you want loud, get yourself an unequal length header for that iconic boxer rumble and pair it with the Tanabe Concept G. Either way you go, you will be happy with the sound and power the Tanabe Concept G provides.

Tanabe Concept G exhaust

This exhaust is my first Tanabe product and I must say it is fantastic! The Tanabe Concept G exhaust comes in 2 pieces, the mid-pipe section and then the axle back muffler section. The bends in the piping are super smooth and the welds are top notch. The exhaust hangers are even hollow to maximize weight savings. I was surprised when I checked the weight of this exhaust at only 19lbs! This is a huge reduction over the stock exhaust system that comes on the car.  Lastly, the muffler and exhaust tip have Tanabe engravings on them and are polished to perfection.


I am not sure if there is an easier exhaust to install on your BRZ, FRS, or 86. Removal of a handful of bolts is all that you need to do. Then, wiggle the stock exhaust out of the rubber exhaust hangers and drop it down. Begin with the two bolts that hold the stock exhaust to the front pipe that has the catalytic converter in it. Next, remove the bolts that attach that mid-pipe to the muffler on the rear of the car. At this point, the exhaust parts will be hanging by their rubber exhaust hangers. You can also use a little bit of WD40 to spray on the rubber to make it easier to remove them from the hangers. Wiggle the rubber exhaust hangers loose and your exhaust parts will be free to remove.

The Tanabe Concept G will fit right into place where the stock exhaust hangers go. This makes it very easy to hang and bolt into place. The muffler section bolts up to the Tanabe mid-pipe as if it were the OEM piece. It requires just 2 rubber exhaust hangers to keep it in place (the stock muffler requires 4 hangers). Lastly, tighten down the bolts that hold the exhaust pieces together and you are done!


I am very happy with how the Tanabe Concept G fits on the car. The mid-pipe section bolts up directly to the OEM exhaust front pipe, or other aftermarket front pipes, without issue. The exhaust has plenty of clearance from the drive-shaft and aligns well in the driveshaft tunnel, much like the OEM unit. Maybe the most important part, is how the exhaust muffler tip fit into the stock diffuser hole. A lot of knock-off exhaust systems do not fit the diffuser hole very well and as a result, are not in the center of the hole. The Tanabe Concept G, on the other hand, fits like a glove and looks authentic. I would recommend getting a diffuser hole cover for the passenger side of the diffuser, to complete the look.


You will notice the Tanabe Concept G tone the moment you start the car. One of the primary benefits of an aftermarket exhaust is the change to the exhaust note. The Concept G does not disappoint in the sound department. The sound is a deep, but tamed growl, when attached to an otherwise stock engine. If your BRZ, FRS, or 86 also has an aftermarket header, expect to be blown away by the new engine note!


The Tanabe Concept G deserves 5 stars in my book. It is super lightweight, very well built, and creates a great new sound. In addition, it checks in at a very reasonable price.

Tanabe Concept G rating : 5 out of 5 stars

Coming in under $500, the Tanabe Concept G is one of the least expensive exhausts on the market. This is a great value!

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