Tekno SCT410 vs. Losi SCTE 2.0!

Two short course R/C trucks go head to head in this SCT410 vs SCTE 2 video.

Friday night club racing features my Tekno SCT410 vs. the Team Losi SCTE 2.0 driven by my little brother. The Tekno SCT410 has been the big dog on the block recently. However, the new Team Losi SCTE 2.0 is proving to be a tough challenger. The Tekno SCT410 is big and rugged while the Team Losi SCTE 2.0 is more lightweight. Which one will come out on top? My SCT410 vs SCTE 2 video features head to head racing at Unser Underground.


2013 Rocky Mountain Match Tour

2013 Rocky Mountain Match Tour in my 1999 Mazda Miata.

The SCCA National Tour team came through town this weekend. Pikes Peak International Raceway is the venue for the 2013 Rocky Mountain Match Tour. The event proved to be a great success with its multiple race format weekend. Saturday consisted of a normal 4 run autocross event while Sunday was a bracket type shoot out.  32 drivers from Saturday qualified for the Evolution Super Shootout, which is on Sunday. In addition, a last chance qualifier would add another 16 drivers into the shootout. Lastly, 8 drivers would be drawn randomly and the top 8 ladies made up the final 16 driver bracket. My 1999 Mazda Miata performed well and I also had a decent run into the Sunday shoot out!

SCT410 first race

My Tekno SCT410 first race is in the books.

After recently completing the build of my SCT410, it was time to test it out at the track. The Tekno SCT410 is a very durable and large “short course” style R/C truck. The truck is very fast and also very fun to drive. My Tekin and Futaba electronics proved to be very reliable as well. For this race I driving at the Unser Underground, which is an indoor off-road R/C track. In addition to short course truck racing, they also have off-road R/C buggy racing. My SCT410 first race was definitely exciting and I am itching for more!

1999 Mazda Miata

This blue beauty is my 1999 Mazda Miata, 10th Anniversary Edition!

I bought a 1999 Mazda Miata to use for various racing activities. The Miata will be primarily for autocross but also HPDE or Time Trials events. This particular car is a 10th Anniversary Edition model which includes nearly every option available for the cars. This includes an LSD transmission and hard suspension. In addition, it has unique leather interior and styling. Furthermore, it has anti-roll bars and strut tower braces that complete the 10th Anniversary package. I am currently getting it race ready by getting some regular maintenance completed. This is one great looking Miata and I really look forward to getting it out for some autocross and track action!

Dinan exhaust BMW 335i

Dinan exhaust sounds from my 2009 BMW 335i.

Dinan is well know for their high quality performance parts for BMW’s. They produces various parts from engine upgrades to suspension upgrades. In addition, they also have engine tuning options which change the ECU variables for more power. This company is unique in the aftermarket world because their parts still support factory BMW warranty. My personal BMW 335i has a handful of Dinan upgrades including a stage 2 ECU flash and suspension. In addition, I have the Dinan axle-back exhaust as well as some cosmetic upgrades. The Dinan exhaust produces a unique sound for the turbo-charged 335i which can be heard in my startup video below!

BMW gloss black grills

A couple cosmetic upgrades for my BMW 335i including BMW gloss black grills.

I bought a couple more cosmetic parts for my BMW 335i just recently. A set of paint matched Alpine White front reflectors that replace the stock amber colored reflectors as well as some OEM BMW gloss black grills. The install of the reflectors was a bit tricky. You must peel the stock reflectors from their double sided tape on the inside of the fender. I ended up pulling off the wheel well splash guard to make things easier. In addition, I used a wood chisel to slowly pry them off. Be sure not to twist the blade when prying the reflectors off, because it will bubble the outside of the fender. The instructions (from JleviSW) say to use a flat head screw-driver but that will very easily damage the outside of the fender. In any case, take care when removing the stock reflectors.

The BMW performance gloss grills were a snap to install. Simply remove the 4 hex screws that hold the bumper on the top, reach behind the bumper, and pop off the snap tabs one by one until you can pull out the grill. Snap the new ones in then re-install the 4 screws and you are done.  A few pictures below and more notations on the picture site:

Dual cone intake install

Burger Motorsports dual cone intake install for my BMW 335i.

I picked up some Burger Motorsports dual cone intakes (BMS DCI) recently. The DCI replace the stock airbox and filter found in the BMW 335i. Furthermore, they increase the airflow to the engine by reducing the air restriction from the stock air box. The dual cone intake install process was pretty simple and did not take that long at all.  Follow the simple instructions on the BMS Installation page and you should not have any problems. I snapped some installation pictures of the BMS DCI install process with a few of them below.

2009 BMW 335xi

 The iconic BMW 3-series, my 2009 BMW 335xi.

The road to my 2009 BMW 335xi. I have been looking off and on for a new car for the past year or so. Originally, I was aiming for a c6 Corvette and keeping it as a 3rd car strictly for fun. As time passed and I had time to think about things, having 3 cars in the family was not the best idea. Mostly because we don’t have the space. I began looking at BMW’s, at first the 1 series BMW’s. However, I soon realized 2 doors would not cut it if I had to haul kids around.

Next up on the list, 3 series sedans with slush boxes and manual paddles. These cars are kid friendly yet still fun in sport mode. I have been watching the used and dealer market for the past 6 months or so, waiting for something to show up that met my requirements. Losing my patience, I was about ready to give up until next summer. Then, I saw a 2009 BMW 335xi that was fully loaded, had the M-sport package (rare!) and the exact color combo I like. I was upset when the seller told me it was pending sale. I began looking at other cars and was really close to buying a monaco blue 2007 335i.  Surprisingly, I got an email from the seller of the 335xi. He said the car was back on the market!

I talked to the buyer and found out the car had some Dinan modifications done to it as well. So, I went to look at it as soon as I could. This car is exactly what I wanted in a BMW; Alpine White, Premium pkg, Cold weather pkg, M-Sport pkg, Navigation, and black leather interior. In addition, the seller added some great modifications including BBS 19″ RGR wheels, Dinan stage 2 DME upgrade and suspension upgrades, Dinan exhaust, and Dinan upgraded oil cooler. All things that I would have done to a stock BMW 335. I went after the opportunity. Test drive, inspection, done. Needless to say I bought the car and I am loving it. This car is amazing! Enough talk, onto the pictures, you can see them all in my BMW 335xi album.

2009 BMW 335xi 2009 BMW 335xi 2009 BMW 335xi